Kohler: Believing in Better

animation, motion graphics

Jolt: VR Demo

virtual reality

Blockchain Education

game design

Luna Park Project

vr theme park circa 1905


app development

VR for Students with Autism

virtual reality, ed tech, NSF-funded project

Medical Visualization

3D animation

Siege Hammer

game design

What does it mean to solve through play?


iOS, Android or PC... we build complex interactive systems with sparkling audio and visuals to complete the package


Imagine the possibilities with a fully immersive world around you. What would you build if there were no limits?


Games are so much more than fun. Rich, interactive complexity & visual dynamics create opportunities for understanding

About that name...

Why Atomic Veggie Studios?

  • We are gamers at heart

  • Our name is a nod to our passion

  • It's about the energy we bring to a project

  • Because it's fun!

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What people think for us.

The whole essence of good drawing—and of good thinking, perhaps—is to work a subject down to the simplest form possible and still have it believable for what it is meant to be.

— Chuck Jones

If you see a few lines of atrocious code, you can make a judgement about the programmer. By judging the programmer, you can judge his boss, and by judging his boss you can judge the company.

— Des Traynor

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.
Keep it simple idiot!

— Scott Adams